Several players will enter the 2013-14 college football season with a track record of performance that make them a potential candidate for the Heisman Trophy. However, to bring home the coveted statue they will probably need to do more than just accumulate stats. Most previous winners have what observers refer to as a Heisman moment. This is usually a big play in a pivotal game which serves as a turning point in a team’s season.

Johnny Manziel has already won the Heisman Trophy, but if he performs the way he did last season he could well win Read the rest of this entry »

Andrew Luck had the ability to leave college after his junior at Stanford and be the top pick in the NFL draft in 2011, but he stayed in school in hopes of winning a national championship. Most people in his situation would not risk injury and millions of dollars to return to college football, but Luck wanted to do something special for his school. While Luck ultimately did not win the 2012 National Championship, it is hard to fault his decision.

Andrew Luck made it through the Read the rest of this entry »

The Stanford Cardinal are posed to compete for a Pac-12 Championship in the 2013 season. Fresh off of their previous campaign that saw the Cardinal pull off one of the year’s major upsets when they traveled to Eugene, Oregon, and beat the number one ranked Ducks, the Cardinal look to improve on last year’s success and earn a trip to the Bowl Championship Series Rose Bowl.

Stanford has created a great football program over the past few years. The team’s success has been based off of a great defense and a running game that Read the rest of this entry »

Can Chizik Recreate Magic At Auburn In ’11?

Auburn’s Gene Chizik is the coach on a relentless mission. Now, Gene Chizik certainly has his flaws. His personality may not be as charismatic as other football coach, and he may not be as eloquent, but what he lacks as a person he makes up for as a sports coach. The media may not like Gene Chizik, but he is feared among other coaches. If anything can be said for Gene Chizik it’s that he has proven himself a successful and competitive coach. He has Read the rest of this entry »

The Notre Dame team has had a tough time of late. While they have a great deal of talent, they have been accused at times of not being physically strong enough. They have always lost out at the line of scrimmage, and that has been a major problem for their coaches. However, this season, coach Brian Kelly looks to be getting th best out of them. Despite a couple of early losses at the beginning of the season, Brian Kelly has got the Irish playing the way Read the rest of this entry »

The SEC is probably the premier college football conference, but there is new competition on the block from the Pac-12. By adding Utah and Colorado, the Pac-12 feels they are ready to become one of the dominate college football conferences, and a serious challenge to the SEC. The new Pac-12 plans to challenge dominance of SEC, but will they be able to get it done.

There are many things going against the Pac-12 and their quest to end the dominance of Read the rest of this entry »

College football is constantly changing game. At the end of each season the college associations meet together to discuss new rules to make the game both more exciting and safer for the players. This season some big rule changes and a few minor ones will change the way the game is played.

The most important change facing the game is the penalty system near the end of the half. In the final 60 seconds of each half, penalties will run the clock down ten seconds. This is a sharp contrast to the earlier rules that Read the rest of this entry »

It’s football season. You’ve got your satellite television all set up and there’s a pot of chili steaming on the stove every Saturdayso what’s your favorite team up to? If you’re an SEC fan there’s a lot happening right now and here are what we think are the biggest developing stories
Mark Richt – Georgia’s head coach is on thin ice as his team still hasn’t won a game yet. Richt has a long way to go to get his boys back Read the rest of this entry »

Perhaps just as egregious than the umpteenmillion BCS complains that have been lodged with little regard for human life over the past decade is the very system by which bowls are selected. Yes, it’s a free country and yes, college football is a business out to make money, but first and foremost is a forum for athletic competition that should reward performance on the field above all else. In short, rewarding deserving schools should supercede the ability of bowl games to determine their own competitors. This is not a recommendation to away with bowl ties to conferences, only a plea for bowl officials not to reach for teams because “they travel well.” Keep the pecking order of bowl games, only tie their selection to conference standings. Take the Cotton Bowl for example. On the very first day of December, Cotton Bowl officials extended an invitation for Texas A&M to square off against an SEC team to be named later. The Cotton Bowl gets second choice out of the Big 12 schools, or the first school that does not qualify for a BCS bid. Did Texas A&M have the second best year of any Big 12 school? Far from it. Excluding the contenders in the Big 12 Championship Game, as both Nebraska and Oklahoma had 2 losses entering the game, with 1 tumbling to 3 losses and one BCS bound regardless of the outcome, there are still two teams in the Big 12 with better records than Texas A&M. Oklahoma State and Missouri both finished the regular season with tidy 10-2 records compared to A&M’s 9-3 (all were 6-2 in conference play). Furthermore, Missouri actually beat A&M head to head during the season, at Kyle Field, the Aggies home stadium, by a merciless score of 30-9. Factoring in the three logical components of tie-breaking: division record, overall record, head-to-head, any way you slice, there is simply no reason Texas A&M is in the Cotton Bowl aside from a nearby fan base deprived of quality football for some time and willing to travel to see it. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s not the goofy blue turf that brings out ire on the subject of Boise State. It’s not the fact they are a relative no name without a storied football history. In all honesty, it’s the schedule. This isn’t college basketball, where smaller underdog mid-majors have to defeat round after round of well-qualified opponents before making a major splash in the Final 4, even Sweet 16 for that matter. Until college football gets a playoff system, teams like Boise State, who beat up on cupcakes for at least 9 games a year, have absolutely no place in the title hunt. Yes, they played Virginia Tech. Read the rest of this entry »